• 8.ZERO Room & Linen Spray -  Fall Collection
  • 8.ZERO Room & Linen Spray -  Fall Collection

8.ZERO Room & Linen Spray - Fall Collection

$ 9.25

The ultimate in odor removing room sprays.  This fine mist room and linen spray will both remove odors and deliver a pleasant inviting scent to replace the odor, not cover up, but REPLACE it. The attractive bottle is 8 oz and is just too cute to shove away in a cupboard!  Please test your upholstery in an unnoticeable spot first.  It is unlikely to react poorly with any type of fabric, however, it is best to be absolutely sure by checking.  Also if spray overflows onto a bare floor, it is likely to be slippery as it will be wet, please be careful!


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